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I started working on the design of existing features in 2021, as well as designing new brand identity and supporting features, in close dialogue with the CEO and product manager Sivan Baram. In collaboration with the R&D department, I've managed to make this product accessible, user-friendly, and esthetically pleasing.

I led the redesign of the Product and created a supporting design-system. signing more deals and recruiting new clients.

After leading a successful design strategy session with the company's managers, product managers, and programmers, we came to an agreement on focus points for planning and re-designing a product that best fits the client's needs.

We divided platform users into two types: Brand owners, and influencers. Each of these types has different requirements for the product, with various complexities.

We researched the competition in the e-commerce market, analyzed the user flow, and later on, I started designing detailed mockups.

Radd home screen mockup




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