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Hi, I'm Tami. A senior Product designer


I'm fluent in UI/UX and also speak the language of marketing, seamlessly bridging the gap between these two realms—a fusion I affectionately refer to as PMD (Product Marketing Design). 

Tech companies and startups are my playgrounds of choice, whether collaborating within a team or spearheading projects from concept to launch.

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As a multi-disciplinary designer, I have the unique opportunity to explore and create across multiple platforms. My experience in product design (UI/UX), visual storytelling, marketing, and project management has allowed me to develop an understanding of how different elements come together to form powerful solutions. 

I am always looking for new ways of approaching projects – whether it’s through research or experimentation with different tools and techniques – so that I can find creative solutions that stand out from the crowd. Working on multiple projects at once allows me to take a holistic approach while also honing my skills in specific areas such as user interface design or copywriting. 

In addition to being an experienced designer, I am also passionate about content creation, marketing, and communications; all essential components when creating effective designs for digital products or campaigns. With every project comes something new: learning about industry trends; understanding customer needs; crafting engaging stories - these are just some of the things that drive my creativity forward each day!  

Ultimately though it’s not only what you know but whom you work with which makes all the difference between success & failure - so if you're looking for someone who loves learning & problem solving then let's chat!

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