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Environmental Graphic Design (EGD)

Creating dynamic, subtly vibrant, and uplifting workplaces that are designed to change the work culture! 

As designers, we always want to understand who the company is, what its brand stands for, and what the goals are for the workplace. But knowing where the brand places its value helps ensure that the design is authentic and not forced. If guests are greeted by an open and non-traditional reception, one that embraces interaction, this signals the company has a collaborative nature. If an environment inspires spontaneous collaboration, then the company reflects an openness to new and creative ideas, too. Design cannot be a fabrication of whom a brand wants to be; it needs to be authentic to who it already is, or is willing to grow into.

My portfolio highlights expertise in various market sectors, including corporate, commercial office, technology, energy/utility, government and government/contractor, academic/institutional, legal, association and mixed-use at the local and national levels.

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