Founder & Creative Manager


Tami Melamed is s a multidisciplinary designer and creative director.

Established Tamarindi as a boutique studio in 2003.

Tamarindi specializes in both innovative graphics and interior solutions that deliver sophisticated design with extraordinary results.

The studio's vast experience and mastery of multiple and advanced design techniques enables us to offer you a rich toolbox that encompasses all your design needs – in one place.

The passion for creativity and results-oriented art, combined with high professional standards, will provide you with comprehensive and strategic design solutions quickly, accurately and with a smile.

My job is to create an office environment that tells the story of an organization in a way that resonates with not only its leadership and employees, but also their clients. 
So how do we accomplish this? There’s no standard solution, but listening to the client is key and knowledge is definitely the most powerful tool. 
We must not only gain a clear understanding of the organization’s history, mission, and objectives, but also figure out what’s most important to the client. 
While this takes time and requires the client to dig deep, it guides us toward authentic solutions that best exemplify the heart of their organization.


More than just a graphic design shop, Tamarindi Design Studio is your full-service marketing partner for visual strategy formulation, graphic design, exhibition design, Environmental Graphic Design, branding and any other design solution you need.



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