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Tami Melamed is a Product Marketing Designer (PMD) | Cross-functional Growth & Product Designer | Visual Storyteller | Digital, Web & Graphic Designer, and Brazilian style Guitarist.


I love working with tech companies and startups. There is something so exciting about being a part of a team or leading a project from ideation to launch. I find the process of coming up with ideas, creating prototypes, and testing them out very satisfying. It's also great to see how quickly you can iterate on an idea when you have the right people around you who are passionate about making it happen!

The best part for me is being able to work in an environment that encourages innovation and experimentation, which allows us to explore new ways of doing things that could potentially lead to breakthroughs in our industry or even create entirely new markets for products/services. Working on projects like this gives me such a sense of accomplishment because I know that my efforts are helping drive progress forward in some way shape or form - whether it be through cutting-edge technology solutions, creative marketing strategies, etc.. 

Overall working with tech companies has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had professionally speaking; not only do I get the chance to help others realize their dreams but also push myself further as well by learning more every day while having fun at the same time!

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Fun stuff about me

  • Playing guitar with Brazilian Choro ensembles.

  • Team member, organizer, and social media coordinator at the Tel-Aviv CeativeMornings chapter

  • Graphic design volunteer at HaMeetupistiotNY

  • Graphic design volunteer and team member at YAZAMIYOT

  • Feng Shui practitioner with a master diploma at "Yaron Zafran Academy", teacher since 2004.

  • Solo art exhibition at TAL-STOOBIK art gallery, 2007.

  • Teaching and lecturing in various design and technology forums.

  • Display design, Advisor, and judge at the Junior Achievement - Young Entrepreneurs, Israel, since 2008.

  • Graphic design volunteer at NALA foundation since 2011 (Curing Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) & Breaking the Poverty Cycle)

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