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Radd Content Boosts customer engagement by embedding smart story videos. With Data-Driven eCommerce Story Reviews you Turn Customers & Influencers into Brand Ambassadors.




Ideation, research, user flows and end-to-end Design

Revamping the User Experience: A Journey through Design Innovation


I Joined in 2021 to Radd, and my design journey delved into enhancing existing features while crafting new brand elements and supplementary functionalities.


This venture went through extensive discussions with the CEO and the close guidance of Product Manager, Sivan Baram. Collaborating seamlessly with the R&D department, I orchestrated a transformation, ensuring the product embodies accessibility, user-friendliness, and captivating aesthetics.

Steering the overhaul of our product, I led the creation of a robust design system.

Conducting a triumphant design strategy session with key stakeholders—company managers, product visionaries, and adept programmers—we forged a consensus on pivotal areas for product planning and refinement.

Our aim: tailoring the product to impeccably align with the diverse needs of our clientele.

We categorized platform users into two distinct personas: Brand Owners and Influencers. Recognizing the disparate requirements of each category, our focus extended across a spectrum of complexities.

Immersing ourselves in a comprehensive study of the e-commerce landscape, we meticulously scrutinized the competition, dissected user pathways, and embarked on the meticulous craft of intricate mockups to crystallize our vision.




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